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Founder Darren started a community-based boot camp that was free to attend during 2020 pandemic/lockdown. Those who attended have been or were suffering from mental health issues and gave focus and goals through testing times. 

Darren struggled himself with Mental health for 2 years and every time he went to charities that advocated for mental health, he was referred back to his GP and was offered medication rather than address the underlying cause which in Darren’s case was PTSD. 

Darren recorded his journey by posting vlogs on social media including the boot camp session. As a result, the community we built created a network of support for each other and that support grew throughout the UK and escalated quickly. We aim to become a self-sustaining charity with a reputation for developing and delivering community based mental health and well-being services. 

We believe that everyone has skills, strengths, talents and dreams. Our aim is for people to discover and nurture these.

People gain confidence, build self-esteem, develop decision making and self-management skills when they are at the centre. Services are more effective and more efficient. We’ve learnt this at Signposted Cymru – working together, tailoring our service is better, for everyone.

Who is Signposted Cymru?

Signposted Cymru is an initial and immediate intervention with early prevention for individuals struggling and needing support with mental health and well-being issues.

Signposted Cymru offers responsive, tailored help and support for individuals who strive for a brighter future

Do you know someone in need of support?


A friend, family member, colleague with a mental illness needs all of our love and support.

Many people ask – “How do I know when to help?”

General Ways You Can Help


Listen without making judgement and concentrate on their needs 

Ask what would help


Avoid confrontation

Signpost to practical information or resources

Signposted Cymru can help with the following

Physical Health

physical fitness.jpg





physical  training


Tailored Program


Outdoor Activities


Mental Health


Therapy sessions

Advice Talks

Mental Health

Financial Health

financial problems.jpg

Financial Health

Budget Guidance



Help with

Cutting Costs

Social Health

socialising .jpg

Social Health

Integration​ back

into the community

Arts & Crafts

Setting Goals


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Self Care & help


Yoga Sessions

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