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Mark  Jones


After being scouted and leaving school at the age of 15 to play professional football for Sheffield United, it is fair to say that sport runs through the veins of the Dragons Managing Director.

He joined Rodney Parade in 1985 and has worked his way up to the senior management position he now holds. What separates Mark from other Managing Directors is his passion to help others succeed.

At Rodney Parade Mark strives to create something that not just their supporters can be proud of, but the community too. Mark has given his team the tools to create a real shift in focus towards social inclusion, disability awareness and accessibility to sport. Mark has a wealth of both business and management experience that will be an invaluable attribute in his role as Vice Chairman for Signposted Cymru.

Most importantly, mental health and well-being is high on the agenda for Mark and is the reason that he believes in Signposted Cymru and what they can offer.

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